Sweet Action Poetry Sampler 2017


This sampler includes work from a number of Sweet Action Poetry Collective members. It was printed on the occasion of the 2017 New York City Poetry Festival.

Authors include: Emily Blair, Marietta Brill, Mirielle Clifford, Rebecca Cohen, Marine Cornuet, Patti Greenberg, Betsy Guttmacher, Julie Hart, AKaiser, Julia Knobloch, Sara Emily Kuntz, Dell Lemmon, Arden Levine, Mariel V. Mok, Corey Nakasue, Sarah Passino, Jonathan Schienberg, Joanna Oltman Smith and Shelby Thompson.

32 pages.

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Horse Behavior by A. Kaiser

Acknowledgment: “Horse Behavior” by AKaiser was originally published as part of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (October 2016)

Sweet Action Poetry Sampler 2017 Table of Contents